Monday, November 30, 2009

crawlspace problem?

Inspect the house and attic.
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Rat Removal - House, Attic, Wall
 The most common problem people face with rats is home invasion - an infestation of rats in the home, perhaps in the attic or walls, or even in the house itself, like in the kitchen.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

?Rats Problems

Rats are absolute pests which make their way easily into our homes. Rats in the home can bring disease and even bugs. Rats have a tendency to chew on wires which is fatal.
How to get rid of rats
It is but obvious that no one would want to have rats in the house. You have to identify how they get in and stop them.
Rats are unhygienic creatures and can prove dangerous to the health of the family members and there is no way you could stay with them.
It is easy to find rats climbing on walls, crawling spaces, closed cabinets and sometimes even inside the refrigerator. Rats love all types of food including pet food. Rats are fascinated and gorge on leftover food which also means they eat leftover pet food as well.
Outside they hide in piles of wood, leaves, garbage bins and around any rubble. If your yard or garden is rat infested, they would surely ransack your home.
The first step in getting rid of rats is to clean up outside.
Firewood should ideally be placed above the ground and not at ground level. As far as possible, do not dump heaps of garbage and other wreckage material at your backyard.
Keep trash bins tightly closed. Rats find it difficult to climb very high containers and hence make sure to place even your pet foods tightly closed.
Once you have cleaned up outside you need to clean up inside.
Check out for any open food grain containers and do not forget to close them. Make sure any holes or other openings to your home are sealed off. Independent houses with tall trees in the backyard usually have big branches, so it is important to cut them, otherwise you would be welcoming rats into your house. Rats love the moist atmosphere, especially the kitchen sink and the bathroom drainage and would stay in places which are dirty.
If you have identified that your home is infested with rats, then it is better to call in for specialized services or lay rat traps to trap them.
Rats can prove fatal to life if they bite you and they also transmit many diseases.